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H2S Connection- Academic Success & Advocacy
Student weekly organizing, planning, and planner review
Student weekly grade review (Infinite Campus Login Needed)
Bi-weekly formal progress reporting to parent/guardian
Bi-weekly successful contact and discussion with teacher/counselor

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Beyond the Box Program (Middle School & High School):
(Financial Literacy, Public Speaking, Careers, Foreign Language)

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Is virtual tutoring really effective?

Absolutely! Thanks to today’s technologies, virtual tutoring is as effective as conventional face-to-face tutoring. Several manipulatives and teaching tools are used to effectively enhance the virtual tutoring experience. During this unprecedented time, 4 Corners Expanded Learning Program has assisted multiple students achieve tremendous grade improvements, elevated reading, and comprehension levels. Virtual tutoring is no longer new; it has been proven for more than a decade.

How does your tutoring program work?

We believe all children are unique; therefore, their learning styles are as well. First, we conduct an education consultation to assess needs and create a unique program for the student’s specific academic goals. Next, we match the child with a tutor according to academic goals and personality. Then, tutors deliver personalized tutoring, homework, and assistance filling in gaps so the student gains confidence. Lastly, we support the student on their voyage by following up on services, review school progress, and connect with family to give guidance and obtain feedback.

What grade levels do you tutor?

4 Corners Expanded Learning Program currently assists children in grades K-12 in many subject areas.

How many hours of tutoring are recommended per month?

Most students need two hours of one-on-one tutoring per week. However, if extra hours are needed, the student will be advised accordingly to take additional lessons. If a student is already doing well and needs occasional help only, fewer hours will be recommended.

How will the tutoring benefit children?

The tutoring service is intended to supplement the student’s learning. It will considerably improve the knowledge level of any participating student. An average learner will be elevated to an excellent level, a below-average learner will be brought up to an average level, and an excellent learner will be challenged to higher levels of excellence and outstanding performance.

How do you intend to do this?

A child’s areas of strengths and weaknesses will be assessed by conducting an initial test and subsequent periodic tests. Based on the evaluation results, the student’s Education Manager will put together a personalized curriculum that is tailor-made to strengthen the areas that need improvement.

What equipment is needed?

Since all tutoring is 100% virtual on a safe platform, students are able to use a wide variety of devices such as Laptops, a PC, Chromebook, tablet, IPad, Android Phone, or iPhone. Each participant will also need a decent internet connection.

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Education Consultation & Assessment $25 approximately 30-45 minutes
One-on-One $30/45-min session (two weekly sessions required)
*Small Group (Elementary) $20/30-minute session (two weekly sessions required)
One-on-One(Math & English combo) $40/ 1-hour session (two weekly sessions required)
H2S Connection - Success Advocacy(Teacher/Counselor Contact) $75/month two successful verbal/virtual/written contacts
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    My son was in public school for the first five years and fell behind. I took him to Mrs. Eboni and within the first few weeks, he improved. I have to say she is a five-star tutor. She is fun to work with and she understands each family is different and works accordingly. Mrs. Eboni takes the guesswork out of our Clark County School District especially during this pressing time of COVID-19. K. Bishop 8:40 AM, Today
    Mrs. Eboni has been tutoring my girls for a little over a year and has helped them in all areas of their studies and beyond. I am so thankful for how far they've come thanks to her. Cameshia Curtis 8:55 AM, Today
    Mrs. Eboni Manor has been tutoring my kids two times a week for more than a year. She is so capable to help kids. Since my kids have been meeting with her, they have huge differences in school work. Now they are so comfortable with reading and writing. My kids love the way she teaches them. We highly recommend her for any kids, not only for academics, but she also has helped them in their behavior. Mrs. Eboni is an amazing person and we want her to continue to share her knowledge. We are so happy with our kids' change. She has made our life easier. Many thanks and five stars. Sisay Bullo 9:00 AM, Today
    My family was blessed to have Ms. Eboni Manor come into our lives about a year ago when our son was struggling to find his way at the beginning of 2nd grade. My son Ezra, we learned early on had some developmental issues which required us to enroll him in an IEP, his issues aren’t severe but they are challenging enough that he requires more of a direct approach & one on one teaching. Unfortunately, a lot of our CCSD classrooms are just not equipped to handle this type of need, which I saw my son struggling and falling behind his classroom peers. Since our very first meeting, Eboni has been caring, thoughtful & extremely patient with my son. She has made suggestions about his school curriculum, has put together work packets suited to reinforce his confidence in his current subjects & challenged him to a point that he is excelling in his reading & math comprehension skills above his current grade level. Eboni made herself available to contact my son's teacher and allowed us to forward her information to his teachers so we can all be involved in my son's progress. Since the pandemic hit & throughout the summer months she has continued to work with my son through google meets still on a one on one basis she put together a curriculum for Ezra and every week they review things together. Ezra enjoys and looks forward to his time with Ms. Manor. I appreciate all her hard work and dedication, she truly has a passion to help her students not only meet the requirements but excel in all their work studies. My girlfriend and I are extremely grateful for all the help she continues to give our son. Luis & Kristina 9:05 AM, Today
    Thank you for all the support and great services that you providing for the boys.I have seen changes with there reading level,the use of vocabularies and more interest in writing . This really means a lot for me for building up success of their education. Tigist 9:07 AM, Today
    Ms. Eboni is a young scholar whisperer. She knows how to speak the language the kids understand and helps them to dig deep. Her teaching method not only penetrates academically but also helps kids discover new confidence with each step in progression. Lisa N. 9:10 AM, Today
    Eboni began the journey of tutoring my daughter Cheyanne who suffers from generalized seisure disorder and is on the Autism spectrum. Cheyanne is twelve years old.We have had no luck with Cheyanne learning past a 1st grade level .. I along with my mother recently made the decision the school year prior to the pandemic to homeschool Cheyanne. Needless to say although we saw some progress ,it was at a snails pace. I reached out to Eboni for assistance. Eboni sees Cheyanne virtually twice per week. We have seen positive results in Cheyanne's confidence and retention in learning. Eboni is encouraging and Cheyanne loves her. Eboni gives me hope that Cheyanne will be able to read and write and develop self confidence so one day she can tell of her magnificent journey.. Thank you Desirae Parker 9:12 AM, Today
    I have had the privilege of working with Eboni for over 10 years. She is a bright star and has the most caring and inclusive spirit. From working with those who are experiencing homelessness to our youngest and most eager student scholars, she will provide expert help, a sensitive listening ear, and fortitude for life that will allow any student to feel as if they are the most special and unique being on earth. To have Eboni is to have pure joy, support, and love, Best and blessings,
    Rhea M. Watson
    Scholarship Doctor
    9:10 AM, Today
    I cannot say enough about Miss Eboni and what she has done for and with our family! We sought her out at a pivotal moment in our homeschooling journey when my oldest was struggling to read. As soon as she and two of my others started with Miss Eboni, they just took off academically! We have kept her services ever since. I have seen my children grow in leaps and bounds, and they have never gotten tired of working with her. She continues to challenge them in many different skills and offers an education Beyond academics-an invaluable influence! Liz B. 9:07 AM, Today

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